Dad on the Run is a collection of personal stories and experiences from a first time dad of identical twins and marathon runner. The highs and lows, tears and smiles of being a dad.

Tyler Lund is the founder and lead contributor to Dad on the Run. Tyler is a software development manager, tech nerd, home-brewer, 3-time marathoner, and rescue dog owner. Tyler loves traveling to new and unique places a bit off the beaten path and sharing stories from these adventures. A foodie with a taste for the unique, Tyler enjoys trying anything new.

Tyler began running in 2013 and has since run over a dozen half marathons and six Marathons; New York City, Belfast, Philadelphia, Chicago, Berlin, and London. Still looking to improve finishing times, Tyler has been trying some new things with training in preparation for his next marathon. Aside from running, Tyler enjoys hiking with his wife, dog, and twins. He once ran into a black bear and scared it away by singing Bon Jovi at it.

Tyler started this blog to share his experiences with his new family, his love of travel, and things he’s learned along the way. At the intersection of parenting, running, traveling, and software development, there are many interesting thing to be shared.

Most weekends you can find Tyler running a few miles around his town, then hiking in the state forrest nearby with his wife, dog, and twins, then in a brewery recovering.

Tyler’s writing has been featured on Lifehacker, Huffington Post,, and multiple times on

Tyler has appeared as a guest on CBC’s Spark Radio and TheNewFamily podcasts.

Named one of’s Dad Blogs to Watch in 2017.