10 ways to improve one on ones – learned the hard way

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One on ones can be both the most frightening and the highest value meeting for a team member and manager. Done well, they can be the best way to dive into specific issues, provide guidance, help with personal and career growth, and give feedback, all in a short time. Used poorly, they just become status update meetings with no lessons learned or action items to take as next steps. Though it can be terrifying, especially […]

My wife and I couldn’t agree on pacifiers for our twins

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Since my twin boys turned one-year-old, I’ve felt we should lose the pacifiers for them. Though our boys were never what I’d consider addicted to them, I wanted to wean them off before they got too attached. I was worried that usage of them would lead the boys to dental problems, ear issues, and becoming weird older kids who still used pacifiers. I was ready to ditch them, but my wife had other plans. My […]

Taking a break in Breckinridge: What to do with a weekend in ski paradise

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With shins sore from a day on the slopes, I eagerly await a table to sit down with a hoppy beer and a massive burger to restore some energy. At this altitude, drinks hit faster, and fatigue sets in quicker, so finding the right spot for a break is paramount. Thankfully, Breckenridge has more than just a world-class ski scene, there’s no shortage of incredible places to eat and drink as well. I may have […]

Crushing it in Chicago: My Marathon Recap

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I sit in the grass in a park 800 miles from home, after running 26.2 miles through an incredible city with great sights and friendly people. It sounds just like my second marathon, in Belfast, but my fourth marathon, in Chicago, was different than any other I’ve run. My first marathon in New York was a life-altering challenge in which I barely made it to the finish, propelled only by the massive crowds and friends […]

A run out in the woods

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This weekend, with the sun in the sky, I ventured back into the state forest and park near our house for my weekly long run. It had been quite some time since I had gone trail running and I had forgotten how wonderful it was to get out under the trees and enjoy nature. I wasn’t alone in my venture; I ran into a few groups of hikers and a few fellow runners too. There’s […]

The 20 definitive things to do in Hong Kong

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The 20 definitive things to do in Hong Kong   Hong Kong, an international financial hub and banking center is more than just suits. This city, small in area, huge in population and things to do is worth more than a layover, but if your time is limited, there are a few things you just have to see and do. The city can be explored easily on foot and most attractions aren’t far from the […]

10 baby products for the first 9 months that are worth their weight in gold

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First time parents get a lot of stuff for their kids and themselves. Friends and family members send gifts and items aimed to help parents get through the first few months without too much difficulty. Parents themselves buy lots of products that they think will help them get through this time. But which actually work? There are a handful of items we either got or bought for ourselves that ended up being especially useful or […]

George Washington, protector of religious refugees

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In 1790, George Washington responded to a letter from the congregation of the Synagogue of Newport Rhode Island, congratulating him on the…

Give me your tired, your poor, well not all of them!

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Back in 2015 I felt a need to speak out against a proposed policy that would see refugees from certain countries prevented from entering my…

Talking with TheNewFamily Podcast about data driven parenting

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This past week I was fortunate enough to speak with Brandie Weikle on TheNewFamily Podcast about my data driven approach to parenting. We…