Living like a local in Austin

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Austin has somehow become like a third home to us over the last few years. Starting with our first visit for the Formula One race in 2012, then proceeding with two more trips for work, and finally followed by a recent trip for our third child’s babymoon, we’ve seen our fair share of the incredible Texas State Capital. From running the banks of Lady Bird Lake to hanging out on Rainey Street to a relaxed […]

Becoming a baker and barista during quarantine

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By no means am I bored at home during the COVID pandemic lockdown like many others seem to be. With three kids under four, there aren’t a lot of down moments to get bored. I’m not looking for the next Netflix binge recommendation or a knitting project. However, I have needed an outlet for some of my home time and I’ve largely found baking and experimenting with new types of coffee to be best for […]

What makes a hospital “baby friendly”?

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The hospital where we welcomed our third child began a shift to a “baby friendly” hospital in the time between when we had the twins and our third. While we absolutely love the hospital – enough to go back for our third – and the nurses and other staff there, I’m not sure I’m completely down with the changes we noticed as part of this transition. While I applaud the ability for mothers to chose […]