25 things my 25-month-old twins cried about today

Two-year-olds are glass cases of emotion. Not knowing how to express themselves, they often boil over and scream, screech, cry, or bite because they just can’t handle their frustration. My two boys seem to be at the pinnacle of this behavior, not knowing enough vocabulary to talk about their issues, but also old enough now to understand more and get angry about so many things. Just today, these are the things they started screaming about.

  1. They didn’t like the music I played to wake them up. But two minutes later started dancing to it.
  2. I gave them the same blue colored milk bottles they have had every day for the past 18 months, but today they wanted the green ones.
  3. One wanted the blue pacifier, not the green one, which of course his brother had.
  4. His brother cried because he also wanted the blue one and his brother grabbed it.
  5. One does not want to wear pants today!
  6. Now he’s cold.
  7. I put them in the wrong high chairs. One prefers the left one. It’s closer to the dog.
  8. Now the dog is looking at him while he eats, so it’s time to scream “no” at the dog.
  9. They want the pretzel goldfish, not the regular baked ones. Fish!
  10. Nope, they want to take the fish out of the bag themselves, not have them poured out.
  11. They want to play in the backyard, where all the rain water is still standing, not the front yard which is nice and dry.
  12. He wants the yellow car, not the green one.
  13. Cars are so yesterday dad! Now they want the trains.
  14. Nope, not the “baby” trains, the big wooden ones.
  15. Why isn’t daddy setting up the whole train track? We like when it goes across the entire house.
  16. His brother sat on a part of the track and now it’s disconnected.
  17. Why don’t the cars fit exactly on the train track?
  18. They want to go back outside now.
  19. I’m not ready for a nap! Now I’m overtired! Zzz
  20. Time for a bath. No, they want to wash their own hair! Oops water in their eyes.
  21. Let’s read a book! Not that one! The other train one! No, he wants to read it himself but daddy has to make the train noises.
  22. The dog is looking at the book! No!
  23. Why are there no deer or bunnies in the backyard tonight?
  24. He doesn’t want to wear pants to bed tonight. No, he wants to put them on himself. And now he wants to put his shoes back on.
  25. They want to sleep in the same crib. Finally, time for bed. Now he’s mad that his brother is touching him.

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