Killing it in Killington, VT

Killing it in Killington, VT

Let’s face it, you’re probably in Killington just for the skiing, but there’s more to do in this town than just hitting the slopes. After a day on the slopes, you need some time to relax and recover and get off of your feet. Luckily Killington has a great selection of bars and restaurants that fit the bill. Whether you’re looking for something casual or a bit more elegant to celebrate, you’ll find it here.

After a long day tearing up the peaks, nothing is quite as good as a cold beer. Killington has several good bars both at the slopes and in town. There are also restaurants where you can recover your muscles with huge cuts of beef, after all, you do need protein to properly recover. It’s just science. If you can’t even be bothered to leave your room, there are delivery options as well. There are local bars to chill at and more upscale destinations to enjoy the local fare. These are the 10 places that you need to visit on a trip to Killington.


1 Get a drink with a view at the Peak Lodge – Most ski slope bars and restaurants are bland, boring, and overpriced. The Peak Lodge at Killington offers a nice contrast to those others with a big bar with great craft beer choices – the Shed and Long Trails are my favorite – as well as awesome cocktails – the bloody mary is always a good choice and almost a meal by itself. The food is also decent. Best of all though is the incredible view over the surrounding mountains and valleys. If taking in the view while sipping a Vermont craft beer doesn’t get you in the mood to hit the slopes, nothing will.

2 Get fancy at The Foundry – This upscale restaurant brings farm to table fare to Killington with an upscale atmosphere to match. The bar in the back is pretty huge and comprehensive if you’re just looking for a place to get some drinks or if you have a long wait for a table which you almost certainly will because of the popularity during ski season. The food is excellent and unique and brings a nice match of opulence and earthy fare to go with the rural setting. Options like duck lollipops and chicken with root vegetables are quite representative. It’s a good idea to make a reservation early or you’ll be there quite late.

3 Take a dive at the Pickle Barrel – Killington’s premier dive bar, the barrel is the kind of place Patrick Swayze would kick you out of with a punch to the face. The atmosphere is maybe kind of charming in a rustic way, but it also feels like getting tetanus isn’t outside of the realm of possibility. It’s the only place to see some live music in town and as a local landmark, worth a visit.


4 Get a pie to go at iPie Pizzeria – This pizza joint might not be the greatest artisanal pizza in the land, but when you just want some quick nourishment without having to go far, or via delivery, this is the spot for you. You’re not going to get a flavor packed crispy coal oven crust, but for delivery pizza, it’s quite good. And some ‘za is exactly what the body needs after a bodacious day shredding the powder.


5 Get your steak on at The Wobbly Barn – This rustic locale is known for meat, and you’ll get a lot here. The environs are wooden and homey feeling, and add some flavor to the meat. Whether it’s a simple t-bone or the exotic tomahawk chop, there are plenty of delicious meaty choices on the menu. The sides are just as comforting and filling. A meal here will stick to the ribs, replenishing you and keeping you full through another long day skiing. The beer choices aren’t superb, but there are other spots for that.

6 Enjoy a beer and arcade games at Jax Food and Games – This sizable bar in town not only offers a large selection of good beer, but also has some good bar food and a bunch of video games. Try some of the Vermont craft brews from the large number on tap and the knowledgeable and friendly bartenders will be happy to help. Getting a taste of the local regional brews is a great way to further explore the area without having to travel. The large windows add to the atmosphere with views of the mountain as well.

7 Get a taste of Vermont Craft at the Long Trail Bar – You don’t even need to leave the slopes to hit this great bar. Located at the base lodge of the mountain, this bar is the perfect place to try several of the brews made by Long Trail, one of Vermont’s larger craft brewers. The brewery isn’t that far from Killington but why make the journey when you can get most of the choices right at the slope? Just make sure not to get distracted and stay too late like we did last time, when the slopes close getting a shuttle or car back is nearly impossible.

8 Skip the lines and get some good grub at Charity’s Tavern – If the wait at the Wobbly Barn or Foundry are too long and you just want to get some food quickly and into bed before the next early morning ski session, try out Charity’s Tavern. Less trafficked than some of the other restaurants in town, it’s just as good. The food is the same type of comforting, homey, rustic American food, and it’s pretty good here. A steak or even fish will be a large nourishing plate perfect for keeping things going.

9 Grab some sundries at the Phat Italian Deli – Whether you’re in the mood for a sandwich or just some provisions for your room, this deli next to a gas station is actually the place to go. There will be nights when you just want to stay in, feet propped up on the table in front of the fireplace with some TV and some snacks from this deli will be perfect.


10 Find your home away from home at the Trail Creek Condos – Staying close to the slopes is great. Staying on them with ski-off access is even better. These condos are spacious, comfortable, and modern. You can relax at night in front of a blazing fire and get to the nearby restaurants quite easily. The location is perfect and a shuttle will even take you to the lifts in the morning. Staying here means less stress and more time on the slopes.

Killington is a town centered around skiing, but there is plenty more to do around it. While your days will likely be focussed on getting in the most runs possible, it’s a good idea to pace yourself and get off your feet a few times. Killington has a surprisingly good food and beer scene, so get out and explore. Vermont, in addition to skiing, is known for great craft beer and awesome food. A trip to Killington is worth getting out and trying out the scene, not just the great skiing.

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