Your San Diego Beercation Begins Now

San Diego is a town known for surf, sun, Mexican food, and of course beer. The beer options here are so good it’s worth a visit just for the breweries, but the combination of all of the above makes it a perfect destination. There are now over 110 breweries in San Diego and each one is probably worth visiting, but I’ve done the hard work and come up with the best itinerary for a San Diego “beercation” for you. You’re so lucky, putting this agenda together took countless hours of research. I’ve suggested a four day tour below, but you can spread it out a bit more if you want more than a beer or two at each stop.


San Diego is not exactly a condensed or walkable town. There are neighborhoods and concentrations of breweries in several neighborhoods, but you’ll want a car and a plan to maximize your time drinking here. You should hit the city neighborhood by neighborhood. The four biggest concentrations of great breweries (and food as well) are first, along the waterfront to the west in the Little Italy, Gaslamp, and Sigsbee Row areas that form the downtown; second, the amazing strip of breweries along 30th street in the South and North Park neighborhoods just East of Balboa Park; third, the brewery powerhouse town of Miramar to the north with a huge concentration of awesome brews; and lastly, the breweries along the ocean to the west in Coronado, Ocean Beach, and Liberty Station.


Note, several of these days involve a good amount of drinking. You should either Uber around or consider hiring a driver. Or best of all, find a generous driver.

Let’s get started

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