My Life Experience Bucket List

I’ve been doing a lot of reading (ok listening) of big life altering experience themed books, like hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in Wild, the Appalachian Trail in A Walk in the Woods, and Mt. Everest in Into Thin Air, and it got me thinking about what I want to one day check off. 

Our culture, and particularly generation has been recognized as focusing on experiences rather than destinations or things in life, and I’m no different. While things like owning a Tesla or renting a villa in France are worthy endeavors, it really is more about one in a lifetime experiences. Here are a few of the things I’d like to see or experience one day.

  • Hike the Appalachian Trail
  • The hardest part about this would probably be taking the three to four months off from work to do so. Although, with the elder gents in A Walk in the Woods doing it in their golden (or silver) years, this might be one that can be saved.
  • See the Aurora Borealis in Iceland
  • Preferably while camped out under the sky on a dog sled enjoying some Icelandic spirits after saving Gen’s dog sled team from an unfrozen river. Or was that a car commercial?
  • Summit Denali
  • North America’s Everest. It must be beaten. Because it’s there. Plus the surrounding area is astoundingly gorgeous.
  • See the big five on Safari in Africa
  • Lions, Tigers, and Buffalo. Oh my. Even better, do it while running. Though I think lions are pretty fast, so maybe not. The jeep seems like a good idea. 
  • Hike Yellowstone and see the American big five
  • Surprisingly even more elusive and more dangerous are the American big five including grizzlys and wolves. Yellowstone, like Denali is one of those places that looks so good in pictures you can’t believe it’d be real.
  • Qualify for the Boston Marathon and run it
  • Only an hour off my finishing time to go. Or one episode of Game of Thrones. Seems reasonable. Boston is the marathon to run and finishing it enters one in an elite club. 
  • Visit Antarctica
  • Technically not as hard these days due to cruises. Combine this with a visit to Patagonia, another amazingly beautiful spot on this earth. Plus, I want to wear my Patagonia jacket there. Maybe even try to run a “snowshoe marathon” on the loneliest continent.
  • Watch a World Cup soccer final live
  • And celebrate like a local after!
  • Spend a night in an ice hotel
  • Hopefully with some hot chocolate and more fur than Henry VIII had
  • What are your #lifegoals? What are those slightly out there things you want to check off before you depart this mortal coil? 

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