Why I Love Working for Audible

I’ve been at Audible for about 3.5 years now. People I know love Audible, and see all the awesome stuff we work on as well as my pictures of the cool stuff we do at work. I often get asked what my absolute favorite thing about working for Audible is. 

It’s hard to nail down a single thing, but one of my favorite things about working at Audible, beside the ping pong and free lunch, is having the opportunity to work on complex technical problems and build features that people in real life, even my friends and family, actually use. 

The coolest project I’ve worked on was a web based streaming player for our audiobooks last year. On this project, we got to go work closely with the Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Music, and Kindle teams on some systems they were working on that helped us, as well as help them with some features we were building to help them. 

The coolest part of the project was after we launched, I was talking to my friend from high school, and his girlfriend. She is a huge Audible fan and knew I worked here, but not on what, and definitely didn’t know I worked on this player. She told me her favorite thing we had done was the player because she could listen to it all day at work on her computer, then get in the car, listen on her phone, and it would pick up right from where she left off. And then she said, without exaggeration, that I should let whoever worked on it know that they were her favorite person ever.

That little experience, in a conversation in passing, was one of the most rewarding days of my work and just another example of why working at Audible is so great.

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