Why I’m Taking My Full Paternity Leave, and You Should Too

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You’ve seen the data; the United States is one of only a few countries that doesn’t mandate paternity leave. We’re in the illustrious…

Becoming a First Time Father, Twice

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Marathoner. Home brewer. Dog lover. Runner. Foodie. Beer snob. Travel addict. These are the terms I would use to describe myself until about 8 months ago. After being told by a plus sign, doctor, blood test, ultrasound, and a tape measure around my wife’s stomach, I think I have to finally admit that father will be added to the list. After finally getting mentally ready for that, we found out it would be twins, and […]

Why You Need to Party in Ljubljana for Slovenian Statehood Day

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June 25 is fast approaching. Though National Catfish Day deserves plans of its own, you may want to put those plans on hold until next year, and spend the 25th in Ljubljana, Europe’s best kept secret instead. Ljubljana has the architecture of Spain, wine of Italy, politeness of Germany, and food of Greece while being affordable and still relatively uncrowded from tourists. This little gem of Slovenia deserves your time. In 1991, Yugoslavia fell apart. […]

Propeller Festival 2016

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The South by Southwest of the Northeast. That’s how I once heard Propeller Festival, New Jersey’s first technology and media festival, described. The inaugural Propeller Festival took place this past Friday on Hoboken’s Pier A Park, a perfect setting for a beautiful day in the sun. With a few minor setbacks, the festival was a huge success and I can’t wait to see what they do next year. Here are some of my observations about […]

The 10 Marathon Signs I’m Sick Of Seeing

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I love that spectators come out to cheer on runners in every race I’ve run. Some like New York are incredible in scale. How can 26.2 miles be covered in several people deep lines of cheering? Others like Belfast are memorable for the local support and willingness to help. However, I’m getting sick of the same signs at every race. The first time they were funny. The 8th time they get old. It’s time for […]

Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon 2016 Race Recap

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They call it Hospital Hill for a reason. At mile 10 of the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon it rears up against the sky. With proper training, you won’t need the hospital that sits at the top, but it’s always good to have a plan b. Marine Corps drill sergeants yelling at you to run up it and conquer the pain help too. This is the Marine Corps historic half and only the tough survive.https://connect.garmin.com/activity/embed/1169507805 […]

The Art of Running in the Rain – Novo Nordisk New Jersey Half Marathon Race Recap

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There are times in one’s life when conditions are not as expected or less than perfect. In such times, it is often easy for one to give up or give in and bail. One may even throw one’s hands up in the air as if they just don’t care. Such is the tidal pull of life. However, sometimes, one reaches above the imperfection and attains greatness through adversity. Sometimes one takes that step toward immortality […]

San Diego Beercation – Day Four

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Day Four – All Points West Today we hit all points west of where we’ve been so far, and essentially the remaining breweries (Well technically there are still about 95 others, but the big ones). We’re going to spend the day in the sun, by the surf, and even catch a famous sunset on the cliffs at the obviously named Sunset Cliffs. C’est apropos. Did I use that right? Let’s begin at Stone, the biggest […]

San Diego Beercation – Day Three

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Day Three – The Great Whyte North Day Three takes us about 20 minutes up north to the amazing concentration of craft breweries in the town of Miramar. I hope you saved some room yesterday. Hidden among the miles and miles of non-descript industrial park buildings are several amazing breweries. Next to the Pottery Barn warehouse and a distribution center for a pharmaceutical company might be the next Stone Brewing. Come along but do not […]

San Diego Beercation – Day Two

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Day Two – South Park, North Park, and Kenny? Recharged yet from the sun and suds yesterday? Buckle up Bernie, you’re about to feel the bern today. If you thought yesterday was intense, you may want to stay in bed today. If not, you have earned a place on the continuation of this epic voyage through beer. Today we hit up South Park and North Park, a three mile or so stretch of beer heaven […]