A run out in the woods

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This weekend, with the sun in the sky, I ventured back into the state forest and park near our house for my weekly long run. It had been quite some time since I had gone trail running and I had forgotten how wonderful it was to get out under the trees and enjoy nature. I wasn’t alone in my venture; I ran into a few groups of hikers and a few fellow runners too. There’s […]

The bizarre things I saw on my wacky April Fools Day run

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It may be April Fool’s Day, but my run today was no joke. From the moment I left the house I knew something was up and things kept getting weirder the further I went. For a mere three mile run, it sure was eventful and strange. I hope things get back to normal tomorrow. We like almost all of our neighbors. On our left and across from us are some of the nicest, helpful, friendly […]

How I took 10 minutes off of my half marathon PR – Montclair Bread Company Baker’s Half Dozen Race Recap

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It takes a special kind of crazy person to run distances like a half marathon. We wake up at 4:30 am to get to the start line before the sun is up and any sane person is up either. It really takes a special kind of crazy person to do this while wearing a five foot inflatable donut. These are the fellow maniacs I find myself lining up with at 6:45 in the morning in […]