10 baby products for the first 9 months that are worth their weight in gold

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First time parents get a lot of stuff for their kids and themselves. Friends and family members send gifts and items aimed to help parents get through the first few months without too much difficulty. Parents themselves buy lots of products that they think will help them get through this time. But which actually work? There are a handful of items we either got or bought for ourselves that ended up being especially useful or […]

Why we picked Norway for our first trip with our babies

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When you see Norway, the majestic scenery of the fjords is breathtaking. Lush, verdant green mountains rising above crystal clear blue water with stark gray rock faces and cliffs hanging above landscape that appears to never have been touched by human hands, it may be one of the most serene and pristine places left on earth. From the lively flora around the Fjords to the harsh desolate moon-like landscape in the north above the arctic […]

What parents can learn about emotional investment from dev/ops

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    Devops, the software development methodology in which engineers are not only responsible for architecting and building software, but also infrastructure and operational tasks like fleet management, logging, and monitoring, can teach parents a lot about how to educate their children and be better partners in their development. In this process, developers take on additional roles and responsibilities from typical IT responsibilities in an effort to improve the end to end quality and speed […]

What I learned about the growth mindset from 400 interviews and how it’s helping me raise my kids

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400 interviews in 5.5 years. I would have never thought it was possible, especially after where I started. The previous 6 years, my only…

The 5 best breweries for parents in Northern New Jersey

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Chemistry, responsible behavior, socializing, and getting used to being out of the house and not the center of the universe, breweries have…

The 5 best child, infant, and stroller friendly hikes in Northern New Jersey

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Let’s face it, in 2017 you want to get outside and into nature more. With a stressful and often worrying 2016 out of the way, there’s no…

Parenting in 2020 — according to CES

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Hoverboards, jetpacks, and robots. These are some of the things parents in the past thought their kids might have. They were probably a bit…

New Moms, go get your groove back!

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The following is a guest post from my good friend Emily Baker. Emily is a new mom working through the struggles of balancing taking care of…

My baby stopped breathing

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At a month old, I thought I pretty much had life with the twins figured out. We still weren’t getting more than four hours of sleep at any…