Am I feeding my kids enough? Parental food anxiety is real.

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After graduating from bottles to solid food, so many new fears come out around feeding children. Bottles allow easy measurement of the amount of food so it’s fairly easy to know if kids are getting enough. Once the real food starts, measuring the amount is just the tip of the iceberg. From worrying about nutrition to allergies and anxiety about refusing food, it gets so much harder for parents. On the bright side, watching kids […]

A weekend of food, craft beer, and beaches on the Delaware Shore

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In sometime around 1998 or so, I spent a weekend in Rehoboth, Delaware with my church youth group, working on a house for habitat for humanity. After a long day of accidentally pulling down an entire tree rather than just the vines on it and hammering in nails to hold down roof tiles to later realize they were upside down, we got to explore the beach and boardwalk of the shore. Since then, I’ve had […]

Making the most of Chicago with kids during the marathon

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36 hours in Chicago just isn’t enough. This city has so much to see and explore that it deserves a longer stay to fully experience it. If, however, you only have a weekend in the Windy City like I recently did while visiting for the marathon, you can get a pretty good sense of at least the famous landmarks and sights. Exploring the downtown, walking along the water, grabbing a deep dish pizza, perking up […]

Amsterdam with kids? You can do it!

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Amsterdam is a city best known for vices. Drugs, alcohol, and the Red Light District are the most iconic images most have of the Dutch city, but there is actually a surprising amount to do that’s more family friendly. With lovely architecture, a delightful beer scene, museums and attractions, and excellent restaurants, there’s a ton to see and do. I just like getting off of the streets before night falls and it gets weird. Somehow […]

The top things to do in Bergen on a sunny day in Norway

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I don’t miss the rains down in Bergen According to Wikipedia and other, less legitimate sources like the actual website for the city, Bergen, Norway supposedly has more rainy days than any other city in the world. We certainly didn’t see anything to prove this during our visit to Norway’s second largest city which was experiencing a warm and sunny summer day without a cloud in the sky. Making the most of a sunny day […]

The British are Running: Exploring Boston on Foot

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Boston is a city where history greets visitors on every corner. It’s a well preserved city where buildings that stood over founding fathers, massacres, and battles still stand today. Exploring the city on foot not only allows visitors to see the major sights, but also allows for becoming fully immersed in the history that surrounds as well. I recently visited Boston on a work trip and had a few chances to get out on foot, […]

Killing it in Killington, VT

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Killing it in Killington, VT Let’s face it, you’re probably in Killington just for the skiing, but there’s more to do in this town than just hitting the slopes. After a day on the slopes, you need some time to relax and recover and get off of your feet. Luckily Killington has a great selection of bars and restaurants that fit the bill. Whether you’re looking for something casual or a bit more elegant to […]

Traversing the beer scene in Traverse City, Michigan

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Traversing the beer scene in Traverse City, Michigan Traverse City, Michigan has oft been named a top beer destination in the US, and a paradise for craft beer lovers world-wide. This small town along the shore of Lake Michigan, well technically the Grand Traverse Bay off of the lake, has an incredible beer scene with a dozen breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms. Most are easily accessible on foot in downtown, meaning you can make a pretty […]

The perfect beer tour in the Finger Lakes

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The perfect beer tour in the Finger Lakes It can take a while to realize and admit that you aren’t as young as you used to be. For us, having twins was a wake up call that we needed to start doing things a bit differently. Throw in a few rough days after relatively tame nights of drinks, and we knew we needed to do things differently. To celebrate a bachelor and bachelorette party with […]

The best of Europe in Zagreb, Croatia

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The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is more than a little different from much of the rest of the country. A country known for seaside towns, medieval walled towns, and hilltop towns, Zagreb is much more of a European capital city with a cosmopolitan, culturally diverse, university town feeling than the seaside towns steeped in tradition. That’s not to say Zagreb doesn’t have fascinating history, it surely does. But rather than fishing boats, expect trolleys and […]